Young Jewish and Left

Created by
Irit Reinheimer & Michael Konnie Chameides

Michael Konnie Chameides

Assistant Editor
Irit Reinheimer

Artistic Director
Mendal d. Polish

Additional Editing
Mendal d. Polish
Peter Golbus

Irit Reinheimer
Michael Konnie Chameides
Mendal d. Polish

Audio Clean-up
David Resnick
Love Intelligence Group

Sound Mixing
David Resnick

Color Correction
Michelle Posadas

Original Music Director
Batya Annie Sobel


Vicki Alcoset
Micah Bazant
Rabbi Haim Beliak
Jenine Bressner
Lena Broderson
Julia Caplan
Yonah Diamond
Nava Etshalom
Harmony Goldberg
Miriam Grant
Shira Hassan
Haddasah Ladies for Homos
Molly Hein
Julie Iny
Loolwa Khazoom
Paul Kivel
Rabbi Michael Lerner
And A. Lusia
Josina Manu Maltzman
Rachel Marcus
Emily Nepon
Steve Quester
Penny Rosenwasser
Danya Ruttenberg
Jna Shelomith
Deb Shoval
Dara Silverman
Rabbi Arthur Waskow
Liz Werner
Shira Zucker

Original Music Performed by

Electric & Upright Bass
Daniel Arnow

Joel Arnow

Oboe and Soprano Recorder
Batya Annie Sobel

Recording, Mixing and Mastering
Benjamin Arnow

Original Music Composed by

"New Old Beginnings"
Batya Annie Sobel

Joel Arnow

"Back Bow"
Daniel Arnow

Batya Annie Sobel

Joel Arnow

Daniel Arnow

Batya Annie Sobel

"Remembering Grandpa Al Lewis"
Batya Annie Sobel

Additional Music by

Nomy Lamm
DJ Kismet

Images and Samples
National Archive
Library of Congress
"Yentl" MGM studios (remixed)
"Uprising" NBC (remixed)
"Israel in a Time of Terror" Dennis Prager
"Israel: A Nation is Born" WNET Ch 13
Avalon, Tristar Pictures (remixed)
Prelinger Archives

Joy E. Reed

Grant Writing
Michael Konnie Chameides

Assistant Grant Writing
Olivia Lieber
Emily Bennison
Irit Reinheimer

Thank you to our generous friends in the following areas that housed and fed us
Mid-Hudson Valley, NY
Brooklyn, NY
Western Mass, MA
Boston, MA
Providence, RI
Philadelphia, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
Oberlin, OH
Chicago, IL
St. Louis, MO
Austin, TX
Santa Barbara, CA
Los Angeles, CA
San Francisco, CA
Oakland, CA
Minneapolis, MN
Madison, WI

Additonal support provided by:

Puffin Foundation
New York Foundation of the Arts
Paolo Vidali
Brook Lillard
Emily Bennison
Indy Media Austin, TX
Indy Media IndyBay, CA
Amir Terkel
Oberlin Peace Action League
Madison Tikkun
Jack Nusan Porter
Emily Nepon
Jhon Clark
Rafter T. Sassafrass
Children's Media Project
Time & Space Limited
Peter Golbus
Allison Vineyard
Hearty Roots Community Farm
Olivia Lieber
Dana Dorrity
Lesley Stone
Jeff Giaquinto
Michael Truckpile
The Beams
Guitars and Hearts
Olive on the Seder Plate