"Young Jewish and Left provides a beautiful cross-section of today's visionary thinkers, activists, and artists. The film celebrates the profound legacy of resistance among Jews – and criticizes the reactionary elements in Jewish communities, from the occupation to assimilation, patriarchy and homophobia. And it calls the Left to task for generally lacking an understanding of Jewish history or culture."
—Dan Berger, Left Turn Magazine

"Young, Jewish, and Left is a wonderful collection of powerful stories about the motivations, conflicts, and visions of young, Jewish activists who are drawing on their Jewish heritage to build a better world. I encourage Jewish organizations to screen the film in your community."
—Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann, Kol Tzedek

"I found [Young, Jewish, and Left] extremely inspiring and important and recommend it highly for other non Jews engaged in activism and organizing. . . The US left has always benefited from the leadership of radical Jews, and this film continues that tradition."
—Rahula Janowski, Heads Up Collective

"[Young, Jewish and Left] is a fascinating effort by new filmmakers Konnie Chameides and Irit Reinheimer which highlights the plight of an oft-ignored faction of liberal Jews who are facing exclusion because of their progressive politics. . .The emotion on the faces of those being interviewed immediately reveals that this cause is not just some leftist political fabrication, but a real source of discontent for many young, radical Jews . . .Filmmakers Chameides and Reinheimer have done a terrific job allowing their subjects to reveal themselves simply and without excessive adornment."
—Danny Lanzetta, Pulse Magazine

"[Young, Jewish, and Left] is a remarkable safe space--a place where the pretense of singularity in Jewish thought is shattered, and where Jews are free to be Jewish on their own terms."
—Davida Marion, The Internationalist Magazine

“If today’s Jewish film festivals pick up YJL, it could make headway toward broadening American Jewish identity. . . . I felt empowered by the self-determination of these young Jews building radical communities. . . It is my hope that the messages contained in YJL will resonate and lead to the healthy dialogue among Jews that the film itself testifies is lacking.”
—Wendy Kenin, Bridges: A Jewish Feminist Journal

"It really made me think hard about all different Jews and their beliefs and what they have gone through. I am glad i was there for the screening because i wouldn't realize what other Jews do or go through."
-Folks Shul student, age 12

"As for my students, it was so key for them to see other young Jews talking about their own Jewish identities and about creating something that really means something to them, seeing real people talk about these creations of Jewishness and Judaism is very powerful.
-Liz Manlin, Folk Shul teacher

"In the very Jewish sense of debate, the movie raises more questions than it answers ... and sheds light on an often marginalized yet quite diverse section of the Jewish population at the edge of change. . . This piece opens a doorway to engage in intergenerational and cross-political conversations."
-Fae Silverman, Maine Jewish Film Festival

". . .Fascinating, exposing a Judaism deeply embedded with artistic creativity, solidarity activism, queer performance, and radical alliance building."
—Maxwell Schnurer, Professor of Communcation Humboldt State University

". . . Proves that the legacy of Jewish socialists, anarchists, feminists, Yippies, hippies, organizers, and agitators of the past century lives on. . ."
—Jennifer Bleyer, Nextbook

". . .Excellent political documentary."
-Mia Clarke, Pitchfork

Nominated - Best Documentary, 2006 ARPA International Film Festival
Official Selection, 2007 Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival
Official Selection, 2007 Minneapolis Jewish Film Festival
Official Selection, 2007 Not Quite Kosher Film Festival, San Diego State University Hillel
Official Selection, 2007 Big Muddy Film Festival, University of Southern Illinois
Offiical Selection, 2007 Jewdas Jewish Film Festival, London
Official Selection, 2007 National Conference on Organized Resistance
Official Selection, 2007 Practicing Jews: Art, Identity, and Culture Conference
Official Selection, 2008 Maine Jewish Film Festival

Interview in Jewish Forward

Cultural and Community Organizations That Sponsored Screening:

Jews For Racial and Economic Justice
Progressive Jewish Alliance
Organized Voice (The Alumni Community of the Jewish Organizing Initiative)
The Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring - Boston
Workmen’s Circle of Southern California
Jewish Voice for Peace
Washington Jewish Film Festival
Kol Tzedek
Reform Action Committee
GesherCity Boston
Kavod House
Chochmat Halev
Jewish Anti-Zionist Networ
Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites
Diaspora Mentality
University of Wisconsin - Madison - Hillel
SUNY Purchase - Hillel
Sarah Lawrence - Hillel
SDSU Hillel
Institute for Judaism and Sexual Orientation at Hebrew Union College
Bard College Student Action Collective
Simon's Rock Jew Crew
Vancouver Anarchist Jewish Youth
Green Party of WA
University of Washington Jewish Social Workers Club
Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites
Kirkland Teen Union
Jews on First
California Western School of Law Jewish Student Union, National Lawyers Guild, Pride Law and Middle Eastern Law Student Association;
University of San Diego School of Law, Jewish Law Student Association, and Pride Law
Thomas Jefferson School of Law National Lawyers Guild
Hillel of San Diego
University Wyoming - Hillel
Jews for Justice - Milwaukee
Jews for Justice - Miami
Jews for Justice - Yale
Jewish Community of Amherst
Jewish Anti-Zionist Network
Alternative Jewish Voices